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"Brad was better than advertised. We knew he would give good service but he went way beyond our expectations in every aspect of buying our home. He was professional yet personal. He was on top of our transaction on a daily basis. We never had to as much lift a finger with Brad as our agent. He acted as our representative not only to the seller but to our lender as well. He went outside of his basic responsibilities and ensured our transaction was as smooth as possible. I chose a discount lender, albeit against his recommendation, yet Brad ended up taking the reins and doing all the extra legwork to make sure we closed. Our lender nearly lost us the house due to numerous delays and had Brad not stepped up we would not have closed. Brad also negotiated strongly on our behalf. He got us over $5000 worth of concessions such as a patio and refrigerator that we otherwise would not have gotten. Had we gone with a discounted agent we would not have gotten these concessions. Anyone looking for an agent should not even consider anyone but Brad Hanson. I am as frugal as they come, was tempted to go with a discount agent, but I will say that Brad is worth every penny and you will not find a better realtor in the state. Period."